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How Hackable is Your Smart Home?

smart home

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Internet of things (IoT) gadgets have become the latest trend. Majority of homeowners are following this trend and relying on these gadgets for improved home security and their convenience. However, there are numerous smart gadgets that are quite vulnerable to cyber intrusion. Recently, there has been an investigation that showed that hackers can easily have access to your home network.

In this article, we will step by step explain how hackable is your smart home and some of the ways you can prevent cyber intrusion.

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Smart Home 101: How to Build Your Own Intelligent Home

smart home 101


We all look for ways through which we can make our lives smarter and installing latest technologies is one way to do it. Now there are tons of devices available on the market that let you control everything from your lightning to front door locks, switches and climate control with your Smartphone.

This emerging concept is the use of latest technology to control different functions at our home; it is known as Smart home technology. This technology enables you to handle most of the functions of your home with the help of your smartphone, which has become an essential part of your life.


Welcome to the world of Connected Appliances

The rapid innovations in technologies let you swiftly transform your way of life through simple but innovative tools provided by the digital world.

Stay Connected on the Go

This is not a fancy tagline of a brand; you can literally stay connected to your home on the go. The best part is that these devices are designed in such away way that they are compatible with most of your home appliances.

To further elaborate the concept of smart home living, this article will be your one-stop guide for everything you need to about the modernizationofsmart home technology. It will also include tips to build your own smart home.


Smart Home Technology

The basic concept behind a smart home technology is that it is an unconventional way to automate a number of appliance and things at your home.

Some of the appliances that can be controlled through your smartphones and tablets are listed below:


Kitchen, Bathroom and Laundry Appliances

Switches, bulbs, doors

Audio, Video appliances


The Need of Security Systems

In addition to looking for interesting ideas to decorate their homes, many people also look for strategies and tactics to keep their place protected and safe. With the advancement in technology, many security systems have been manufactured that protect our houses. In addition to that, these security systems have been upgraded and provide gadgets some of which are just what we need.

It goes without saying that everyone aims to protect their territory; homeowners always want to have the best security solutions. So, the importance of the utter need of a security camera cannot be ignored. It also demonstrates the security flaws at your house and allows you to look at make necessary security measures to avoid any future inconvenience at your place.

Below are few things to Consider before buying a security camera:

Night Vision




Among a season of options, you should go for the smart home gadgets that work for your own home solutions. It does not matter if the other homes have installed many security solutions. If your situation does not call for itthan you don’t have to buy those devices. However, keep in mind the solutions that you might need and then focus on installing them at your latest.


How Do Smart Home Systems Work?

A lot of these systems operate via Bluetooth but mostly work on the internet. So, as long as you have an internet connection you will be able to control everything at your place. It’s like a net, all smart home devices are connected and automatic controlled.


smart home control


Things You Can Automate at Your Home

Here is the list of thing that you can automate at home with just one click from your smartphone and make your life a whole lot easier.

Popular Categories in Smart Home

Light Bulbs

With a simple remote you can now control all the light bulbs at your house by just one tip of the hand. You can control their light intensity and brightness. Furthermore, you can also set their timings for automatically switching on or off. .


The smart switches at your house will let you switch off the lights in the building if you forget to switch it off on your way out. The best part is that some of the devices have the option of scheduling on and off. These types of smart home gadgets are going to be a great addition to the list of your smart home ideas. Like Wemo switch.ANNKE Nova S wifi camera

Home Security Cameras

The idea of a home security camera is now becoming a need of the hour. Now there are many security cameras available that will provide you with the ideal security solutions. Such as the Annke cameras.

Door Locks

Back in the day, we looked for places to keep our keys outside of our home but fortunately, those days are gone.

Now, there are many technologies that automate keyless access to your house, which is indeed a blessing in disguise in emergency situations. Moreover, this one has been in practice for quite a while now.

Climate Control

The coming of age phenomenon that is termed as the internet of things is an amazing discovery in the field of digital space.

With the help of an automated thermostat system installed at your house, you will be able to regulate the temperature when it is requiredin extremely hot and cold temperatures.

Fridges, washers

LG and GE add Google Assistant support to fridges, washers, and ovens. Read more at Theverge.

Here, the added benefit is that when it will be linked to other smart home devices it will obviously save you from a lot of future burdens. Mainly, these technologies do not run in the background and you will be only utilizing while you will be at home.


Smart Home Devices- Your Gateway to a Cost-Effective Living

Indeed once installed, these gadgets will prevent you from a lot of hassle in the future.

According to an estimate, in the year 2016, the global market for Smart Homes stood at US$ 30.02billion. Furthermore, it is expected to rise at a healthy CAGR of 14.6% from 2017 to 2025. This scenario will ultimately reach at least US$ 97.61 by the end of 2025.

So, are you one of the smart home owners or a gonna-be?


How Can You Build Your Own Smart Home?

Before you jump into details, you need to start from the basics.

What would you like to install



security control

Once you have decided you can make a budget accordingly and ask expert’s advice on this important matter.


Tips for Building a Strong Network

The basic ground of every smart home idea solely works on a great internet connection. Your house must have a secure internet connection.

Below are three main things that you must consider before heading to the installation of smart home devices.


A quality bandwidth will speed up a process and will be essential in connecting all of your devices. In addition to that, it will also have the capacity to handle huge tons of information that is coming in and out.

So, make sure that the bandwidth is exactly what you need to have a transparent path for the availability of signals. This will make sure that your every command instantly reaches all your devices just like it is supposed to reach.

Wi-Fi Router

While setting up a state of the art wife connection for your home make sure the connection just doesn’t disconnect from the router every now and then.

Cyber Security

You should choose a password that will not be easilyrecognizable by cyber intruders. Use WP2A encryption to strengthen your wifi network, according to Norton. You must ask for recommendations from security companies so that there is an efficient security system installed at your place.


Amazon echo dot

Amazon Echo Dot

Top 10 Smart Home Devices

Amazon Alexa

Known as the intelligent device it lets you control a number of tasks and runs with the help of Amazon Echo. From getting to know about weather information to the performance of different tasks, Alexa can do a range of things for you. Learn what Alexa can do.

Google home

The tech geniuses at Google are working day and night to ensure that there is an app for your every need in your daily routine and they have succeeded in achieving that.

With Google home, you will be able to control your home all by sitting in your TV lounge.

To give you some idea, here is the list of tasks that it can perform:

Play your music

Control your home devices

A Google assistant to give you suggestions

Apple Home kit

You will be able to perform a whole lot of sophisticated tasks through this smart home gadget.

What’s more: It lets you control a bunch of smart home devices all through a single medium and that too, all at the same time. Some of the automated smart home gadgets that it can control are lights, thermostats, window blinds and audio system in the house.

Belkin WeMo

Through this single device, you will be able to control your electronic devices through a smart BelkinWeMo plug.


This is considered as the top smart home gadget for all your lighting problems. It will allow swift controlling of your lights all day and night.


The nest company offers the best range of smart home devices like thermostat and lightening solutions for your home.

Philips HUE

This bulb will be controlled through wireless remote and it comes with a power adopter manual and a two-year warranty. You can also sync the lights and connect them with your music games and movies

Samsung Smart Things

Known as the top quality brand this single device is one hub for all your TV home theatre, computing, and mobile appliances.


This is one of the simplest smart home hubs and has made its way among a list of other competitors. The best part is that you will be able to connect it to Nest and Philips gadgets.

Ecobee 4

Ecobee 4 is an advanced remote that has quickly made its place in the huge sea of thermostat devices. It comes with a building Alexa voice service so that you can give command of your choice to regulate temperatures at any given time. In addition to that, you can ask the assistant to read the latest news and you might as well order groceries.


Recent Technologies to Install in Your Smart Home



The Annke Nova S is the latest innovation in the field of technology. It is a smart wireless security camera that is built to stay aware and allows you to stay connected.

With the help of voice integration, you will now stay connected with every part of your room. You can also give various commands like asking the camera to give you certain locations of your house.

Some of the main specification is given below for your consideration:

It has a camera quality of 1080p which the reason it gives crystal clear and excellent results. It can work with Amazon Echo Show and IFTTT. Also it can be connected with WeMo switch through IFTTT. The Sleep Mode is a more smart way to protect your privacy.

The best part is that it is wireless. Hence, it makes you free form the hassle of managing long wires that sometimes break and cause inconvenience for the user.

Nova S works with IFTTT

Nova S & Nova Orion work with Amazon Echo Show

P.S Another Nova family member, ANNKE Nova Orion, is coming soon.


You Ideal Digital Watchman

This kind of security camera is ideal for security purposes both for home and for office.


Vizia RF

The simple innovation can lead to the suitable controlling of your ceiling fans and now you will be able to adjust the speed of your fan just the way you like. It is ideal for those people who live in places with high windy climates and do not need regular air conditioners.


Final Thoughts


To sum it up, here are few suggestions before you take necessary measures to build up a smart home of your choice.

Set up your house according to your needs.

You don’t have to buy just about everything that is available on the internet.

Make a list of things that don’t have to be controlled via an internet connection.

When it comes to a home security camera, look for things that work for you. The fact is you will be able to get those at an affordable price and even if you don’t, don’t look at the price.

Before finalizing big installments, you should take advice from security experts.

Keep yourself updated about any new upgrades and installations.

More and more people are getting used to the concept of utilizing smart home devices. IT has, more or less, become an important aspect for homeowners for the added convenience and enhanced security. If you are new to this whole smart home gadgets game, give Annke Nova S a try. It might turn out to be just the product you needed for turning your ordinary home into a smart home.

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Crime investigation

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