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Top 7 questions asked when buying security camera systems

Making informed choices for purchases is always a good idea, especially when you are ready to invest in a security system. There are a lot of choices on the market and making informed decisions will help make sure you end up with the right system to suit your needs. Remember, Security Camera Systems are an investment. Asking the right questions will give you confidence that you are making a sound investment that will serve you well for years.

Security cannot be taken lightly. Your purpose for getting a security camera system – safety for your home and family. Don’t compromise on this matter, your property and loved ones are at stake.Doing a little research and knowing the basics about security camera systems is essential.

Below is a guide with important questions that you should ask yourself and your supplier before purchasing a system.



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12 proven ways to help avoid hacked home security cameras

Have you ever thought of your home security cameras being hacked? The sole purpose of a security camera system is to protect you, your relatives and your belongings from any kind nefarious activity and to serve as an ever watchful eye on your property day and night. It keeps a record of activities when you aren’t around and lets you check on the premises at different times.Today’s systems are so advanced in fact, that if you want to monitor your home or property in real-time, you simply need to connect it via internet and using apps and a smartphone you can keep an eye on your property from anywhere.


However, this convenience comes at a cost, there have been many reports of hacked home security cameras. Learn how your security system could be hacked to spy on you from this article on Forbes written by Kashmir Hill. Be sure, hackers are out there and they are trying to gain access everywhere, especially on poorly protected security systems. This is an alarming activity that we should all be concerned about.As a preventive measure, you should learn how to protect your security system from these types of cyber security attacks.




Here are simple and easy ways to help protect your home security cameras from being hacked.


  1. Choose a brand and a retailer with a good reputation.

Before you buy a security system for your home, take this step before you make your purchase. Conduct a thorough research on which brands are most trusted and read online reviews of the hardware as well as the seller before making your buying decision. Choose the brand with its own database and cloud service.


  1. Never purchase used security systems.

Buying second-hand security hardware can be very dangerous. You’ll never know if a used security system has been tampered with. It may be implanted with devices that can be used for hacking to infringe your privacy or disable the system.


  1. Opt for wired security systems to avoid online attacks.

Wireless security systems are very convenient. But since they are connected via the internet, these systems are more vulnerable to hackers. There is less risk with wired security systems because they require physical manipulation to compromise.


  1. For wireless networks, activate WPA2 encryption.

WPA stands for Wi-Fi Protected Access. It’s the security standard for computing devices powered by wireless connections. WPA2 is a higher standard of security protocol, introduced after WPA. Most security cameras have WPA2 encryption as an option and it should be used. Here’s a guide on how to setup WPA2.


  1. Rename your system’s default username and password

Most security systems come with a default username and password set by the manufacturer. After installation, it is essential to change defaults. The default username and password of each model of the security system is often displayed on the support page of the manufacturer’s website. So if you keep the same credentials, you’re giving any hacker a big opportunity to gain access to your security system.


  1. Set a strong password.

Setting a strong password is the easiest way to protect it.


Here are some tips:

– Make passwords long. The longer the password, the stronger it is.

– Use a combination of numbers, capitalized letters and spaces. Add symbols if allowed.

– Do not use obvious information about yourself such as names, birthdays, addresses or phone numbers.

– If you already have a password in mind, you can check its strength using an online password checker.


  1. Don’t forget to protect your router.

Your router is where the information enters and leaves your network in an IP-based, internet connected system. It connects your cameras and local hardware to the internet. So make sure your router and Wi-Fi network is also password protected.


  1. Update your system’s firmware regularly.

Most security systems come with on-board firmware from the manufacturer. Every time the manufacturer spots a security weakness, it will issue a firmware update in order to fix the problem.

Normally, a notification will appear if there’s a new firmware update for your security system. Check the website of your system provider often for firmware updates. For ANNKE security cameras, you can get the latest firmware by contacting


  1. Don’t use public connections.

You should never stream or access your home security camera system with public Wi-Fi Connections such as those in coffee shops or offices. These types of connection are not secure. Instead, use connections that are exclusive to your devices and are familiar to you.


  1. Check your logs from time to time.

This will confirm that you’re the only one logging into your system. You can check whether someone unfamiliar is trying to log on. If you notice any strange activity, change your password and username immediately.


  1. Limit devices with access.

If possible, limit access to 2 trusted devices. This includes you. In this way, you have full control of the entire security system. The less points of access, the more secure the system will be.


  1. Use a Firewall and approved devices.

It’s recommended that all devices that have access to your security system have a firewall. If you are using a computer as a central control device or storage, make sure its firewall is updated and working.


Security systems can protect a home, business and belongings if installed and used properly. But remember that security doesn’t end after installation. If you are using any kind of networked system, vulnerabilities to hackers exist. Use the hints and hacks above to make sure that your system gets safe and stays safe and you can most likely avoid hacked home security cameras.

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NVR VS DVR video surveillance systems

Today, smart consumers are taking advantage of the explosion of technologic advancements that have made DIY security systems inexpensive and easy to use. After all, everyone is concerned about safety and theft prevention for homes and properties. These days, for just a few hundred dollars, a competent security system including surveillance cameras can be purchased and installed by any do-it-yourselfer.

But cameras are just one part of the security equation. In most cases, another essential component is necessary to capture, convert and store footage from cameras. This device replaces the inefficient VCRs and televisions that traditional CCTV systems used in the past. The main function of this key piece of equipment is to create digital footage that may be viewed and stored in a variety of ways. To do so, a DVR or an NVR system is used and the difference between the two is often an area of confusion for those new to security systems.




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How to detect hidden cameras for self protection?

You may not realize it but surveillance cameras exist almost everywhere. They are used on traffic signals, at intersections, inside stores, and in most businesses. In fact, if you are in public you may find yourself being recorded right now. However, those hidden cameras can be hardly seen. Because technology has improved and components have miniaturized so much in recent years, it has resulted in incredibly tiny cameras that are easily hidden or concealed. Some of these so-called ‘spy cameras’ can be purchased for as little as $20 or less and can be installed virtually anywhere. A quick online browse of spy cameras is enlightening and it’s clear to see how easily you could be recorded by a hidden camera without your knowledge.



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The International Security Conference & Exposition (ISC)

organized by the Reed Exhibitions and sponsored by SIA (Security Industry Association)



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Easy home automation projects for a smarter life

While today’s tech world continues to dazzle users with the latest smartphone feature or addictive app, there are other useful innovations happening that promise to bring even more convenience to life. Right now there is a revolution underway in home automation that helps families manage busy households by transforming houses into safe and efficient smart homes.




Smart home automation is the ability to monitor and control different home systems such as lighting, climate control, security and more. It is done with the help of smart home wireless devices. Once installed and set up, most home systems can be monitored and controlled conveniently via a smartphone.Luckily, this era of home automation is affordable and easy for do-it-yourselfers to install and operate. It’s efficient, easy and to be honest…fun! In fact, with a few key pieces of home automation tech, any home can become a smart home. (more…)

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7 Clever Home Security Tips for New Homeowners

Buying a new home is a great pleasure and the fulfillment of a dream for many people. After getting all the paperwork done and signing on the dotted line, it’s natural to want to make some changes and improvements around the house to make it your own. Painting and decorating are on the top of the list but what often gets overlooked is home security. Most new homeowners make this mistake and unfortunately, it can be a costly one. The most effective way to protect a home is with the installation of a high-quality home security system but many new homeowners have budget issues and may need to save up for such a purchase.


security tips for new homeowners


However, there are some steps that anyone can take that cost little or nothing and help to prevent burglaries or limit losses in the unfortunate case that one occurs.


Here are 7 clever home security tips for new homeowners:


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10 proven home security tips for when you go on vacation

We all work hard during the year to provide a safe and happy home for our families. We look for effective home security tips to improve the protection of our house. Even with the best security in place, some risk remains. Unfortunately, that risk increases greatly when no one is at home. Even leaving for a day of work or a weekend away means that your home’s security risk increases. But at no other time is your home and property more at risk than when you and your family are away for a vacation.

Burglars are smart and patient and wait for the best opportunity to attack. A home unattended, while its owners are on vacation, is a prime target. Just imagine coming home from a fantastic family vacation to find that your home or property has been compromised. Don’t let this unfortunate situation happen to you!


security tips for when you are away home


Whether your home does or does not include a security system, here are 10 proven home security tips for leaving your home while on vacation.


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7 important reasons to upgrade from analog to IP system



Instances of property crime are on the rise and now more than ever, protecting homes, businesses and possessions from theft and vandalism are vital. One of the best ways to prevent crime and protect property is by utilizing a video surveillance system. CCTV (closed circuit television) systems have been used reliably for decades but recent advances in digital IP systems offer many advantages and features not available on CCTV systems. IP cameras and IP network systems can instantly improve the way that surveillance video is captured, processed and stored. In fact, even systems that currently employ CCTV cameras can gain many of the benefits of digital systems by using a clever device known as an analog to IP converter. (more…)

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