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10 burglary prevention strategies to keep would-be holiday thieves at bay

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Home safety is a valid concern for all of us but let’s face it. Posting a guard on the outside and inside of your castle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, just isn’t practical. Yet the reality of home burglary is always there, especially during holiday time. Here is a piece of stealing news that happened during Christmas. But how can you prevent burglary? Adding a home security camera system is a practical solution to monitor outside intruders. In addition to a security system, here’re 10 burglary prevention strategies to protect your house from burglars and sit back to enjoy the holiday festive at peace.

1. Whether it’s around Christmas, New Year’s, Thanksgiving or any holiday travel time, do not announce your plans online. The first place crooks go to is the Internet. Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare, for example, are easy sites to access — finding out where you’ll be (or where you will not be) is a piece of cake for those who make it their business to steal from others. Don’t make the mistake of only thinking that strangers can find this stuff out. Do you know who your real friends are? Burglars may know where are you now.

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2. For holiday home safety inside the house at Christmastime, hide the gifts. It’s easy for crooks to peak through a window under a Christmas tree to see what’s there. Better yet, place the tree in an area where there is NO window. Sure, it may keep friends and neighbors from seeing the pretty decorations but it also protects your possessions from becoming someone else’s. This goes for any easily-accessible, expensive item, like electronics or artwork. Keep them away from the windows.

3. When traveling for long weekend holidays like New Year Day, let your neighbors know you’ll be out of town (providing you trust them, of course) and ask them to pick up your newspapers and mail, even if it’s just for a couple of days. Hiring a house-sitter is also an option–someone to actually live in the home while you’re away. If you can find someone you know and trust, that is all the better. Otherwise, when hiring a house-sitter, find one through an accredited agency or be sure to choose someone who is insured and bonded. Basically, you must be sure to “know who you are dealing with” because “inside jobs” are known to happen.

4. Install a home security camera system. Home security systems are very valuable tools for keeping intruders away because not only do they record the activity inside and outside the home if someone does get in, their very presence, as well as the system’s own advertisement warns would-be thieves that the home is being monitored. What’s more, when you are travelling, you can also monitor home safety from your mobile apps. Also remember to attach some stickers on the windows that say the house is under protection. Annke Security Camera System is easy and affordable, which has a variety of camera systems from which to choose and the experienced staff can help you find the right technology solution that is best for your home or office. You can even get free stickers!

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5. Outdoor decorations are always nice, whether it’s Christmastime, the Fourth of July, Halloween, Easter or even Flag Day. But if you have lights that enhance the sparkle of the season, be sure to put them on a timer in order to prevent thieves from learning your habits of turning lights on and off. You should also make sure your indoor lights should also be placed on a timer, especially when you are away. This should be added to your burglar prevention strategies checklist.

mind your holiday decoration


6. And more about holiday decorations … keep power sources inside or outside. Don’t run extension cords through barely-latched windows or doors. An unsecured entryway into the home is an invitation for unwanted “guests.”

7. Home security isn’t just about what to do at holiday time — this is for everyday: do not open the door to strangers! A peep hole through the front door is always helpful for identification. If someone comes to your back door, ask them to go to the front and state their business. If you are not interested in what they have to offer, tell them a polite “no” and then turn away from the door … but watch to see if they leave the property.

8. Speaking of strangers, it’s mostly holiday time when people go door-to-door, asking for donations. Be sure to ask for specific credentials from anyone claiming to be with such-and-such charity. If they are valid, they’ll have the correct identification. It is never advisable to invite solicitors or other people that you don’t know into your home. If it is necessary to do so, show them where the home security camera system is placed and tell them it is strictly monitored. Before all of this can occur, do make sure your home security system is strictly monitored — include video monitoring in your package.

9. At Christmastime especially but for anytime, really — do not “advertise” the lovely, expensive and newest items in your home. Dispose of packaging that shows photos or descriptions of things you’ve purchased or received. Break the boxes down, cover them with paper or ink and, if you cannot recycle, throw them out only on trash day (don’t take them to the curb before that). When you place descriptive packaging outside, you’re letting the world know that there are some lovely new things to steal. Close the drapes or blinds to prevent burglars from seeing inside.

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10. To increase home safety efforts, periodically replace the locks on your house doors and windows. In an older house especially, locks can become weak with ages. Inside parts can jam or malfunction. You’ve seen the old movies where people unfasten a lock with a credit card or bobby pin. Have a locksmith give your home an upgrade, or do it yourself.

change your locks


The above are 10 burglary prevention strategies you may give it go. Also you can read 50 more home safety tips & tricks And despite of all those, the most important thing is to have the awareness of home safety. Always put the safety of your house and family in the first place. Thus, you may do all the above stuff naturally. Wish you a happy holiday time.


Product manager of Annke Security Technology Inc. Have a good knowledge of security cameras for home improvement.

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  2. This info is worth everyone’s attention. How can I find out more?

  3. I think a big part of deterring burglars is to install cameras and making them kind of obvious. Let them know that if they try to break in you will have their face on camera. I also suggest packing away your electronics when they are not in use. Don’t make stealing too easy for the criminal. You can also get fake electronics to fool them into thinking they already have your computer. However, I would probably only do this at work where computer theft is probably more likely.

  4. I never thought about how it would be nice to have a peephole in your front door. It would give you a lot more security and control. I also like that you talked about how having good home security isn’t just something you around the holidays. It might be a good idea to consider adding features to your home like a peephole that will make it safer year round.

  5. You’re so cool! I don’t think I’ve truly read something like that before. So great to discover another person with some genuine thoughts on this issue. Seriously.. many thanks for starting this up. This web site is something that is required on the internet, someone with some originality!

  6. This is some really good information about window guards. I like what you said about installing cameras around your home. Personally, I would want to put some cameras around my ground floor windows. That way, I could see if someone tries to open it.

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