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Top 12 Misconceptions and Facts About Business Security Camera Systems

You have to take a careful look at what you can get out of your fine business security camera system. It is true that there are a few issues that might come about with a good system but there are a few things that you should think about when it comes to getting such a system ready. You can contact Annke to get help with getting one of these systems ready in your home.

business security camera systems

  1. Misconception: Adding dummy cameras is fine.

You should not just add dummy cameras around your property. The problem with dummy cameras is that they are easy for criminals to identify. They are often made with poorly designed materials that aren’t as strong as what real cameras might feature. A real security camera system will be much better to use as it will be a better deterrent.

  1. Misconception: The Wi-Fi network you use within your business can handle your camera system.

The truth about a Wi-Fi setup is that you will not get your security cameras to work with just a traditional setup. You need to get your own dedicated setup to ensure that you can get a system to work right. You need to get a dedicated bandwidth setup and some special connections ready to make it easier for you to get your Wi-Fi setup to work properly.

  1. Misconception: Security cameras are used solely with preventing crime in mind.

You can use security cameras for a variety of different purposes that go outside just reviewing a spot to see that no criminal activities happen. You can also use security cameras to review employees in a site. You can use this to determine how well your employees are working.

Meanwhile, you can use these cameras for legal purposes. This is to help you with any legal arguments that might come about from a lawsuit stemming from something that might have occurred where you are.

  1. Misconception: It can cost a great deal of money to get a good system ready.

You won’t have to worry about getting a great amount of money ready for your system. You can always use a powerful system that will cost an appropriate amount of money based on your demands. Make sure you choose a good system based on your budget though as many systems might cost less than a thousand dollars but can still be rather expensive if not managed well enough.

business security camera

  1. Misconception: Anything can be picked up by a security system.

Your business security system can do more to review items based on their weights. That is, a camera can recognize things that are larger in size so you won’t have to worry about leaves or small animals getting into a space and triggering an alarm. This can do well as many cameras can help you out by identifying things that move. When looking at how well something moves, it will help to see how effective this can be.

  1. Fact: The video quality of your cameras will not decline if you have more of these cameras.

You won’t have to worry about dealing with any poor video quality features when you’ve got lots of cameras. You will have to make sure you get enough cameras ready with a good bandwidth setting ready to make it work well as needed.

  1. Fact: You can use a cloud connection to get your security cameras controlled.

You don’t have to worry about your security camera system being too hard to handle when you’ve got a cloud connection running. You can log onto a proper account to get access to cameras that are linked up to a cloud connection. This should give you access to your cameras in real time from any device that can work well with getting online as necessary.

  1. Fact: You can use this to determine how well your customers shop.

You can always use cameras to take a look at customers with regards to how well they might shop and behave where you are. You can use cameras to see how people are operating and if they might gravitate to one particular part of your site about all else. This can help you with understanding what is going on where you might be.

  1. Fact: Glass break detection may be included with some cameras.

Many camera systems can be paired with glass break detection features. This works in that you can get a particular glass surface monitored with sensors that can be identified by cameras. This can help people with finding all sorts of details. This can certainly work well for people who have plenty of cameras located in some outside parts of your home.

business security camera systems

  1. Fact: A security system camera can be adjusted as needed.

You can always use a security system camera with a series of controls that are easy to handle. You can use a particular camera that can be adjusted with up and down controls or zoom in and out functions. A wireless control feature may be used to help you adjust the features on the camera so it will work well as needed.

  1. Fact: The odds of a business being broken into when it has security cameras is less than if you didn’t have them.

It has been found that security cameras are dramatic deterrents that will keep people from wanting to break into certain properties. Your business can use this as a means of letting people know that you’re going to keep your property protected without being harder to manage than needed.

  1. Fact: Security system cameras can keep working even when the weather is tough.

Security system cameras can be made with some strong materials that are easy to handle. In particular, a security camera can work with a strong commercial-grade steel material. This can ensure that your space will be protected right.

These points about security systems are good ones that need to be seen when it comes to keeping your property protected. You must make sure you have a quality security system on hand so it will not be too hard for you to keep everything you have protected as well and efficiently as possible.


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  1. I understand you record video footage on a cloud for the baby monitors. who has access to this footage and is it ever shared with anyone else or can it be hacked?

  2. It’s interesting that security cameras can, in fact, be adjusted as needed. I’ve heard that security cameras can only to part of a job, as they don’t see everything. While it’s understandable that this is true up to a certain extent, being able to adjust the field of view could be helpful. It’s something to remember when looking at different camera options.

  3. Thanks for sharing these useful tips for security cameras. It really offers us very informational material about security cameras how it works well, in any tuff and cloudy weather.

  4. Such a wonderful post about our commonly known misconceptions about the security cameras. Nice post Elle, hope to get more related information about the security cameras. Thanks to you.

  5. I appreciate that you addressed dummy cameras. This is something that I have been thinking about for a while, and I have to say that I don’t think that they quite get the job done either. If I am planning on intimidating someone away with a camera, I also want my threat do be valid. Thank you for going over all of these misconceptions and for your specific information on commercial security.

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