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How to Protect Your System From CCTV Camera Hacker

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Are you concerned about the security of your family members? Do want to observe their activities? Do you want to protect them with the best technology? If yes, then you can install a CCTV system to make sure that your family members and your house are safe in your absence. Currently, security cameras are coming with many developed features that can truly offer a security environment to your dearer ones. But the negative thing is that a security camera can also be hacked. In this technology world, security camera hacker can hack your security system within a couple of minutes without the knowledge of anyone. Hence, it is not important to install CCTV camera only, you also need to protect it from the CCTV camera hackers.


Why would hackers want to hack your CCTV cameras?

What do you want to install a security camera? You want to protect your family from any criminal activities. Exactly, for this reason only, the hackers would like to hack your security system so that they can intrude your home and can do whatever they want. They can steal from your house and can come for some other illegal activities. In fact, if someone wants to spy on you and on any of your family members then he can hack your security system to know the whereabouts of your family. Hackers are competent to deactivate the alarm and can enter your home.


How to protect your CCTV system from being hacked 

You can protect your security system by taking some preventing measures. If you are looking for some tips on how to protect the security system from being hacked then consider the followings.

1. Change your password more often

A security system can be accessed by a password. If you feel that you system is being accessed by the multiple persons then consider changing it more often. You should not allow a visitor and any unknown person to access your security system. If you find that anyone is doing so, then change the password immediately. Without the password, it will be difficult to hack your CCTV system.

2. Secure your WIFI

If you are using the security system at your home then protect your internet network with a strong password. And do not allow any stranger to access your internet. You can share the password of your WIFI networks only with your family and close friend to minimize the chances of hacking. If you find that someone is using your internet, then change the password to protect your system.

3. Use a dedicated Network

It is always recommended to use a dedicated network while accessing your security system from a remote place. If you use public WIFI, it can create the possibility of hacking. CCTV camera hackers can access the public WIFI to collect your personal information and can use them from hacking.

4. Consider buying a camera with encrypted signals

Currently, security cameras are coming with many developed features. If you buy a developed one that comes with more sophisticated signals that can transmit on multiple channels and the one that cannot be jammed easily. Inquire about this feature before buying a security camera for your office or home.

5. Keep a vigilant eye on the users

A security system can be hacked by anyone. Hence, you should always check who is accessing your network both in your presence and absence and what are their activities. By following these simple steps, you can notice any unusual behavior.

protect cctv system hacked

6. Consider buying from a reliable source

While buying a security system, make sure that you are buying it from a reliable manufacturer like Annke. You can also inquire about the product and manufacturer before the buying. Low prices cameras can be hacked more easily than a better one.

7. Never think of buying used camera

If you are thinking to protect your home then always go for a new security system to get better facilities and advantages. A used camera is easy to hack and one can use this device to spy on you more comfortably. Moreover, you should not buy the cameras from the strangers.

8. Buy an Anti-Jammer

Anti-jammers are specifically designed to detect the anti-jamming signals. This system can alert you in a case of any signal failure that might have resulted by a jamming device.

9. Consider buying wired security system

Wired security systems are considered more effective. These cameras are difficult to be hacked and more preferable than wireless CCTV camera. If your system is wired, obviously a few people will be able to access them. Then you’re far away from an IP camera hacking.

10. Try to keep it updating

You should always focus on updating your security systems to upgrade its features and to enhance the performances. Many manufacturers upgrade their systems regularly with more developed features to counter the new threats. If you ignore these features and updating, then your system will be more prone to the hacking.

These are ten tips on how to protect your system from the hacking or how to minimize the risk. In some cases, you might find it difficult to protect your system even with all the precautions. CCTV camera hackers have the skill to deactivate or hack any security system with some personal information. If you have faced that kind of situation then consider contacting the concerned bodies to protect it with more developed features and to improve its security standards.


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How to restore a hacked CCTV system

It is not easy to restore a security system without required knowledge and skill. Yes, you can use the system recovery system to restore your security camera. You can change the passwords of your system and the network to protect it from IP camera hacking. For the restoration, it is always suggested to hire a professional. A professional will not safely restore your security system only; he can also protect your system more efficiently.

You can consider all the above tips to protect your security cameras from being hacked. Three to four factors can truly help a lot to protect your system such as do not share your personal information with the strangers, do not use the public WIFI, keep changing the password of your security system, and always buy a developed system from a reliable source.



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