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Top 9 Smart Homes Technology Trends at CES 2018

CES 2018


CES is known as world’s biggest platform for innovators to display their groundbreaking technologies. CES indeed provides an excellent opportunity for everyone who wants to reach massive audiences. For over 50 years, it has given opportunities to hundreds of techies to come forward. It enables them to reach the potential market, and make their mark in the world. This event is indeed one of a kind as it covers all traits of the tech industry.


A Brief Introduction of CES 2018


CES 2018, the global consumer show was held from 9 January to 12 January 2018. From connected home appliances to self-driving cars, this show covered everything. This year, the platform was flooded with unique ideas, both good and bad. A few of the gadget appeared to be far from reality, while some seemed to be totally worth the cash. There were solar powered smartwatches, HTC Viva Pro, the wall by Samsung, inches rollable OLED TV, and Lenovo Mirage Solo available. The amazing fact is that these are just a few of the innovations that stunned the world.

The two main technologies that overshadowed everything else was Amazon Alexa, as well as Google Assistant. Among other voice devices, these two won due to a number of reasons. Voice clarity, smart display, and ease of access have made them stand apart from the crowd.

Future of Technology at CES 2018


9 Smart Homes Technology at the CES 2018


With the passage of time, many homeowners are now living a comfortable life. The concept of smart home technology has allowed us to save time. With that, we also have been able to enhance our security. Not to mention, we are now making smart choices and improving quality of life. Some tech gurus are suggesting that we are now using smartphones to the fullest.

Keeping this in mind, this year CES was swamped with various smart homes technology products.

Some of the best ones are explained as below:


Health Sensors

There were a number of health sensors that made their way into the CES 2018. From fitness trackers to breathing sleep robot, everything seemed to be useful. It seemed like CES 2018 is primarily focusing on medical tech.

With Lenovo vital Motorola Moto Mod, you can measure your respiratory rate, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and body temperature.

Other than that, Oska Pulse can assist you in increasing blood flow to some of the impacted areas of your body. This device has been specifically made for patients suffering chronic pain.

Another important health sensor is the Sensio Air, that lets you determine pollen, mold and dust particles. It will prove to be vital for people with different allergies.


Wireless Charging

We all know that wireless charging is quite an old phenomenon. However, only recently, it has become more common than ever. With a little twist, we are now being introduced to Qi Wireless Chargers. Due to its addition to latest iPhone models, many companies have now introduced it to the consumer market. Other tech giants like LG, Samsung have also manufactured similar chargers.


5G Technology

During the CES 2018, 5g technology has indeed been the most talked about technology. While it may not be launched just yet, all eyes are now on the year 2019, when it is expected to become a common phenomenon. Some people are predicting that this technology will contain the world’s best transformative specifications. That being said, it is also going to change the face of global technology altogether. This confirms that by the end of 2018, 5g smartphones will take over the market.


Facial Recognition

In CES 2018, there were many technologies that were not new at all. However, these were transformed in the unique way one could ever imagine. Once again, iPhone has surpassed all other mobile phone devices. With the invention of iPhone X, it has made the idea more public than we have had anticipated. Considering this, it will not be long since the facial recognition will be added to surveillance videos as well.


Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been the talk of the town lately. However, it has not reached up to the mark. There have been a few companies, like HTC Vive Pro that have manufactured VR devices. Another notable venture is Vive adapter that has been upgraded. Now, you are able to see 2880 x 1600 display that will let you perceive detailed imaging. With that said, the headset might seem to be a burden on your head. Many people see it as yet another notable invention that will become communal in the following year. However, it just needs too little configuration, which will allow the user to move freely.


virtual reality

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Artificial Intelligence

Welcome to a new world where you are going to see Artificial Intelligence everywhere. The marvels of artificial intelligence dominated the stage of CES 2018. It is now evident that a large number of businesses are now focusing on making everything smarter. Along with smart homes technology, you are going to witness smart cars, smart products, and smart security locks. All these will ultimately lead to smart cities.


Companion Robots

The year of 2017 was filled with the news of companion robots. Well, now the wait is over, as the Japanese have introduced the concept of robots. These assistance robots will only aid you in your home, but also in the office and elsewhere. Other than that, they are going to entertain you and provide companionship.

One of the best robots from a whole lot is Walker by UBtech Robotics. It has been declared as world’s first commercialized biped robot. It will assist you in your day-to-day matters and has been known to provide smart home assistance.

Another robot in the category is ASIMO humanoid robot, which has been manufactured by Honda. This robot is going to aid people in a number of tasks.

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Smart Home Devices

Along with Amazon Alexa, Google home, Apple Home Kit, and Amazon Echo have been declared as the best smart home devices. Additionally, the concept of a wireless kitchen also gained the attention of many people. It is developed by a urbaneer, which is a Michigan based startup. Many people think that this concept possesses the potential to be practically implemented.

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IoT technology

The internet of things has enabled every single device to be interconnected in some way. Whether it is your smart kitchen or your smart lock, you will control it with one device.

The good news is that IoT devices are getting smarter. As discussed above, you will be able to give instructions with your voice. Some of the main IoT devices that were displayed at the CES 2018 are as follows:

  • iDevices Smart Ceiling Fan Switch
  • The Samsung Family Hub Fridge
  • Velco Wink Bar
  • Bosch Radiator Thermostat
  • Schlage’s Sense Smart Lock
  • LG ThinQ Smart Speaker
  • HOMNI Smart Sleep Solution
  • Aladin Smart Lamp


What is the trend in smart home security?


The consumer electronics show (CES) has been introducing Smart home security devices for a long time. The first time that it was introduced, the idea quickly gained momentum. As a result, a majority of homes installed security cameras outside their home. This was a way of putting cybersecurity walls around their comfort zones. Fast forward to CES 2018, the smart home security devices have been evolved. From security cameras to smart lock, everything has received a 360 degrees change.

Many companies are now manufacturing products that will be compatible with the mega devices. Due to this, you will be able to witness the video security footage in real time. For example, canary (home security Camera Company) has added Alexa video support to all of its systems.

Most importantly, Ring Company is now taking home security devices to the next level. This company has introduced a new concept termed as ‘ring of security’. It has launched the series indoor/outdoor security cameras with interconnected outdoor lights.

The Stickup Cam is a weatherproof camera that will efficiently work both indoors and outdoors. There is no need to worry about the charger as it is powered by an Ethernet connection or a wall outlet. The best part is that it is compatible with Ring Solar Panel Charger.

Major Specifications

  • 1080P HD Video
  • Two Way Audio
  • Passive Infrared Motion Sensors
  • Zone Detection




A Final Word


CES is a stage that has been quite beneficial for both the businesspersons and the tech hungry. It is the most reliable platform, which has given space to every potential technology. Considering the popularity of smart homes technology, it is apparent that the concept of smart home gadgets is quite impressive. If that remained the case, then surely, 2018 is the year we all have been waiting for. There is only one thing we need to keep in mind .i.e. we must utilize everything to our advantage. It will not be wise to reject an innovative idea, just because it is new in the market. Once we will get used to of the marvels of technology, we will keep on moving forward. This way, we will be able to progress at a rapid pace. It will allow us to swiftly point our mistakes, and make improvements along the way.


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