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How to build a safer networking for your video surveillance?

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Over the passage of time, many households have installed home security cameras. The real intention is to keep your home safe and protected from thieves and burglars. Many people see it as a priority and have worked on ways to make it more efficient. The importance of a good video cannot be ignored, especially in dangerous neighborhoods.


Video Surveillance 101

The very step is to consult the home security cameras about what kind of surveillance you require. Now, if you want your place to be fully protected you would have to keep few things in mind. First, you should build a perfect internet connection. The internet should remain connected, no matter what. Even in extreme weather conditions, you should be able to witness whatever is going outside.

In this article, we will discuss in detail how you can effectually set up a top of the line video surveillance. After that, we will also shed light on all the things that you can avoid.


More CCTV cameras are internet connected

It is a known fact that security camera systems are being tied to safer networking. The reason is the increasing demand made by the consumers to watch the video in real time. This could be due to a number of reasons, and checking out any ambiguous activity is indeed one of them.

There are many systems that you can choose from, some of which are mentioned below:

1.Cloud Managed Surveillance System

2.Traditional DVR/VMS/NVRs


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How to build a safer networking for your security system?


Calculate bandwidth

In case, you have video cameras, you can test the bandwidth with some important tools.  You can do so by the use of the task manager. All you need to do is hit CTRL-ALT-DEL and then click the networking tab.

There is a variety of settings that you can use to calculate the bandwidth.


Video CODEC (Compression)

The most common one is video CODEC that can let you compress the digital video. It can also help to reduce the bandwidth to an increasingly low level of about 80 percent.

Other than that, if you want to increase the normal resolution, you would need more bandwidth than you have already calculated.

Some of the main ones are mentioned below:

· Video Quality

· Frame Rate

· Streaming Mode

· Resolution

Here, an important thing to note is that these settings might tend to differ between different models.

Therefore, it is crucial to get to know how your security camera works.


Place the wires

The minute you have chosen the wireless system, you have to know a thing or two about managing the wires.

– Before you go on installing the security camera, you have to test the security camera. It will allow you to point out any kind of disturbance before you initialize the setup.

– Remember that wiring is going to be the most critical part of a home surveillance system. Therefore, it needs to be done with quite an efficiency. In case, you are not good with wires, you have to call for someone’s help.

– Both sides of the video wires are manufactured to be male connectors. However, the power connections have been deliberately made to be different. You have to carefully look at both ends and then notice which end is meant for the camera and/or DVR. Once that is done, you can look at the camera and pick the male and female connectors.

– You have to connect the video as well as the power to that of the camera’s pigtail.

– Furthermore, you have to identify the one side of the BNC cable. You have to plug the video connector to the DVR in the particular video input.

– The last step would be to plug the power cable into to the switch. You may have the option of the single power supply, with a multi-camera splitter.


What Else?

You have to know whether the camera is going to be charged manually, or even remotely.


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Internet equipment’s & devices

· You have to select a highly secured Wi-Fi router. The next step would be to select an appropriate spot to place it.

· Primarily, you need to go to the router settings. You can do so by entering into your search engine. After which, you would have to enter login details for the router.

· Here, an important thing to note is that these login details will be different for each router. Therefore, you have to check the router’s manual and then proceed further.

· Once you have accessed the page, you would have to change the password from the admin menu. This is the first step to ensure that your system will not be reached by just about everyone.


Encrypted access

It is somewhat obvious that you need a strong and encrypted password. You should never connect to any unknown devices. Other than that, the Wi-Fi for your security should be strictly private. In order to enable the encryption on your wireless system, you would have to go to the router’s configuration page.


Select the wireless security

Select the security and safer networking methods:

* You need to know that there are various encryption methods. In case, you have older devices, you should select WEP. In other cases, you should go for WPA 2.

* WEP is considered the most basic encryption, which is why it is compatible with most of the devices. The only deal breaker is that it is not secure, and can be cracked using few steps.

* The thing about WPA2 is that it is secure; however, it is only compatible with hardware’s that were manufactured after 2006.

* The last and most important step is to select a passphrase for your system. You have to make it a combination of different numbers, letters, and other special characteristics. This way, no one can easily get access to your servers.


Choose 5G technology

– When we say, next is now, we particularly mean the 5G technology. This technology is meant to provide you an insanely faster and safer networking .

– In order to set up an uninterrupted internet connection, you have to select 5G technology.

– With fast data speed and lower latency, you can use 5g to your advantage. This is the reason why it has been considered as the next generation of wireless technology. Essentially, it is going to double, even triple the data speeds.

– It is known to be 100 times faster than 4G LTE. This makes it an excellent choice for a video surveillance. As compared to the former, 5G is going to be measured in gigabits. This is why you can watch live feed all day long and not face even one lagging issue.

– Most importantly, many tech experts are considering it an essential component to run the internet of things. Now consider this, you are going to connect many technologies on one single device. For example, you are going to handle everything through your smartphone. You will be overseeing the kitchen, the lights, the garage door, front, and backyard of your house. Here is the thing; you are going to do it all at once. Therefore, you need an internet connection that offers maximum speed. The best part is that 5G gives you just that.


Cyber Security

In the last, but a most important part, we are going to elaborate what you can do to make your networking safer.

· Today, the technology is within the reach of many people. On one hand, it has made our lives more convenient. While on the other hand, it has allowed many cyber intruders to get easy access. This is why many hackers have been able to hack into the finest security system. In case, your house has not followed basic security protocol, you are going to endanger the lives of your loved ones. Therefore, it is in your best interest to get the best anti-cyber security.

· You should acquire the best antivirus in order to keep yourself protected in the digital world.

· You have to report any kind of odd activity the minute it happens.

· The video surveillance, when connected to the internet, can be vulnerable. Therefore, you have to make sure that you know how to prevent the chance of hacking.

· The thing is when someone is planning any burglary; they are going to tamper with your internet connection. They want to get access to your passwords and change the feed of video surveillance. Considering this, you have to manage an ‘inaccessible internet connection’.

· In case, you face any kind of unfortunate event, you have to note the flaws in your cyber security system. After which, you have to talk to a security professional and quickly sort it out.


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A great number of people think that home security is the need of the hour. They think of it an essential security measure. Sure, the police are supposed to do their job; however, we all should do our part as well. Therefore, considering all this, it has become somewhat obvious that we must install home security cameras at our latest. So, build a safer networking before your home security project.


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