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Surveillance cameras remain one of the most significant practical applications of motion picture technology in the 21st Century. At first, the primary applications of surveillance cameras were largely security-oriented, but with tech giants like ANNKE in play, the borders of surveillance technologies have been (and are being further) extended to include greater capabilities that broaden their applications.  This post explores some of these other applications of surveillance camera systems and the benefits they bestow on us.


The motivation for Good Behavior

The presence of surveillance cameras in workplaces, buses, and other public places keep people on their best behavior. Much like would-be burglars who sometimes change their minds at the sight of surveillance cameras because they do not want their faces caught on camera; potential assailants have also been known to walk away when they notice that a security camera nearby. Supervisors also use surveillance cameras to monitor quality control in food processing and employee behavior in workplaces. In addition, surveillance cameras are used in monitoring the behavior of motorists and other road users.


Many public places like shopping centers and businesses have a central station or room from which security personnel monitor surveillance cameras in real-time. With these kinds of arrangements in place, detecting malfunctions in isolated parts of the building, or finding out that a customer or worker is in some kind of distress (e.g. having a heart attack) becomes a lot easier.

Access to Uninhabitable Places

Surveillance camera systems have given us access to places that would otherwise remain inaccessible to us. One of the most significant applications of surveillance cameras is their usage in monitoring nuclear reactors other hazardous industrial settings thus giving us a better grip on the activities that take place in such places.

Improved perception of Business Establishments

The presence of surveillance cameras improves the overall impression that customers and visitors have about an establishment. People think of surveillance cameras primarily in terms of their security purposes; it is for this reason that customers/visitors believe your establishment is more secure when they notice surveillance cameras in them. Although you may have boots on the ground to oversee the security needs of your business environment, surveillance cameras take a further step in reassuring the customers that they are secure, and you should take advantage of this.

Improved Parental Control/Monitoring

The sort of Surveillance camera systems popularly known as Nanny-Cams is increasingly becoming popular among parents who require babysitting services. Not only can these Nanny-Cam systems record the activities of the nanny or when you are not around, the live feed of whatever is going on can be monitored by you on your internet-enabled mobile phone or any other internet-enabled device thus giving you an insight to what goes on when you are not around.

You can also use a nanny-cam to monitor your infant or toddler. So you need not run around the house anymore when to check if your infant needs your attention in the nursery or to find out whether your kids are playing under safe conditions in the backyard; you can simply do that from the comfort of your couch courtesy of the surveillance camera you’ve installed.


Evidence retrieved from surveillance camera systems are vital to crime investigation and prosecution. Today, surveillance technologies are more efficient in preserving data that might count as evidence since some of them back up data to the cloud. This removes the risk of losing all data recorded data as a result of the destruction of on-site storage systems.

Improved Security

This might come across as an overstatement of an obvious fact since surveillance camera systems are primarily used for security purposes but technological advancements make it rather difficult not to mention it here.  Remote access to surveillance camera systems now makes it possible to monitor the security of your home or business place from halfway across the world on mobile devices or other internet-enabled gadgets. One of the many benefits of this is that you can alert security agencies of a break-in before the intruder gets very far. In addition, cloud storage utilities ensure that evidence is not destroyed perchance there is an intrusion and the data storage components of your surveillance system are tampered with.


Surveillance camera systems have a wide range of applications you should take advantage of and there is a myriad of brands and designs on the tech market to choose from.  ANNKE provides user-friendly and affordable HD surveillance camera systems and IPCs that are suitable for both home, and business, and industrial applications. One of the best things about choosing ANNKE is that you do not have to know a lot about cameras in order to find the right fit for your business because an experienced customer representative is always available to assess your needs and make the recommendation on which surveillance system you should go with.

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