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Outdoor and Indoor Security Cameras


Security cameras are vital in adding another level of comfort when thinking about the safety of both your property and family. The indoor and outdoor security cameras ensure that you get a glimpse of what is happening inside and outside your house at any time and in any place. With the outside cameras particularly, you will be able to spot and catch an intruder/burglar. For that reason, theft during the day (when there is no one at home) is greatly reduced for you work peacefully all day long.

The outdoor cameras are more susceptible to being interfered with many things and therefore, they are made from very durable materials such as metal. They may be made heavier or housed in a strong case to make sure that it will not be easy to remove from where it is placed. Also, they can be bulky which make them noticeable easily. On the other hand, the indoor camera can be smaller, less intrusive and more lightweight. It is not very easy to notice these cameras which make possible to monitor people without them knowing. Whether outdoor or indoor, most of these cameras are commonly known to utilize features such as infrared which allow for clear pictures/photos even in a low light situation. Also, they ensure easy transitions in case of an abrupt change in light, thanks to their ability to automatically light-change.

Security cameras are well-known to be very a vital component in your home security systems. However, they come in distinct types and in many features; thus, there is so much to make a choice from. It may be very challenging to know the right security camera for your needs. Luckily, we have made it easier for you as the following security cameras are the best for you.

The best indoor and outdoor cameras in 2018

Security camera Viewing angle Video Resolution
ANNKE 3MP Security Camera System 8CH TVI/CVI/AHD/IP/CVBS 5-in-1 DVR 67.8 degree 3MP
Blink XT Home Security Camera System 110 degree diagonal 720p
Zmodo 1080p HD NVR WiFi System 4 HD Outdoor and 4 HD Indoor 1.0 Megapixel Wide Angle Wireless Security Camera


81 degree 720p
Luowice Audio Wireless Security Camera System 1080p


The detailed features of the above security cameras are discussed below:

  1. ANNKE 3MP Security Camera System 8CH TVI/CVI/AHD/IP/CVBS 5-in-1 DVR

It is a high-quality security camera that keeps your home safe. It has potent 5-in-1 DVR, thus, apart from its default TVI format, it can also support CVBS, IP, AHD and CVI cameras. This ensures that you can make use f the old cameras or you can even add new cameras as time goes. It allows you to monitor any unusual movements both inside and outside the house, and during the day and at night. It provides very clear pictures/videos so that you can see every detail without having to lean in, stretch forward or strain the eyes.


  • It has smart search playback to prevent you from going through the entire recordings. It marks out your searching region on the monitor for you to see the video clips during movements while speeding through when there is no movement detection.
  • Its advanced H.264+ compression which saves about 70-80% of the recording space and under normal situations it can keep your recordings in a 1TB HDD for about 720 hours.
  • It is a waterproof camera which utilizes high-quality metal casing and protects it from great heat situation. This ensures that its lifetime is prolonged.
  • 3MP allows you to get very clear videos making sure that you see clearly each detailed feature in perfect colors and provides smooth on-screen videos. With this attribute, you can recognize faces easily.
  • Its infrared lights are known to be low power consumption and powerful, thus, last longer than the normal LED lights. They provide brilliant and properly-distributed night vision to guarantee you a great brightness.
  • The manufacturer (ANNKE) provides one year warranty as well as sixty-day money back assurance.


  • The product can be expensive for some people.
  1. Blink XT Home Security Camera System

It is a camera that you can place anywhere around the home whether inside or outside. It is advisable, to begin with its small system as you expand to a maximum of 10 cameras on just 1 Blink Sync Unit. This affordable security camera is battery powered and therefore, keeps your home safe always.


  • It utilizes 2 AA lithium batteries which last for two years even when you use the camera on a regular basis.
  • It is a camera that is very easy to set up with no data storage fees and extra subscription charges. Also, its cloud storage space is absolutely free.
  • Blink is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa-enabled gadgets such as Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, and Amazon Echo. For that reason, if you own these devices, you can now control the corresponding blink system without having to use voice alone or lift your finger.
  • The camera can detect motion around your home and alerts you through audio or HD video on your smartphone.
  • With its infrared night vision, you can see anything that is happening throughout the night.
  • It is a waterproof camera which allows recording with HD quality videos regardless of rain.


  • It only requires Android 4.4 or iOS 9.3 KitKat or higher. Therefore, without that, you cannot be able to use this camera.
  • The camera is not shipped to all the countries around the world. It will be good luck if you are living among the countries that it is shipped to.
  1. Zmodo 1080p HD NVR WiFi System 4 HD Outdoor and 4 HD Indoor 1.0 Megapixel Wide Angle Wireless Security Camera

It is a security camera that is very easy to install and set up as you do not require to run any cable around the house for you to connect the cameras and NVR. You only need to mount the cameras, then, plug the adapters in to go. The internet is the only connection between the cameras and NVR. Zmodo app will allow you to receive a clip alerts in any case motion is detected. The remote viewing of the camera is on tablets, web devices or smartphones and its app will help you view up to 4 cameras simultaneously. Its tech support offers three years warranty and sixty-day money back assurance.


  • It helps you playback your recordings either remotely through the Zmodo app on your mobile phone or locally on your monitors.
  • It utilizes digital signal transmission as opposes to an analog signal, therefore, it minimizes signal loss and provides quality images through the 720p.
  • The adjustable motion detection region ensures that you focus on the most important areas of the house like windows or doors for you get alerts immediately. Also, it can store the clip alerts in the cloud for about 12 hours without any charges/fees.
  • The infrared lights make sure that you monitor all that is happening around your home even at night without missing any detected movements.
  • It has in-built 500GB HDD to ensure that you save to maximum of 45 days of the footage.


  • Every camera requires to be plugged into any close by outlet for power.
  • The system for setup, the camera requires a password protected iOS 7.0 and above, am Android 4.0 and above, and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Network.
  1. Luowice Audio Wireless Security Camera System

It is a camera with an in-built 11” monitor. It allows live view as well as video playback via your smartphone, PC or tablet with clear audio. When plugged in, you can see all the cameras live view via its monitor only within seconds. Its customer support is very responsive; within 12 hours you will be sorted out.


  • When motion is detected, you will get push notifications via your email.
  • Its qualified WD drive ensures that you get continuous recordings.
  • The 1TB will support to a maximum of 30 days of recording. In case you will require more, you can acquire 4TB and replace with the HDD.
  • In case the HDD storage is full, the system will overwrite the oldest recordings automatically to allow more space for new ones.


  • It only supports one-way communication.
  • The monitor and cameras should be plugged in a power outlet with a wire for it to gain power.
  • You can only add to a maximum of 4 cameras.


Keep your property and your loved ones safe through installing indoor and outdoor security cameras around your home. It is the best thing to do and keeps you worry-free be it at work, trips or even vacations. The good news is that the above security cameras will solve your problem. However, they have similar and distinct features and it is up to you to make an informed decision depending on your preference and budget for the needed camera.

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