Earn up to 11250USD per Week with Annke Reseller Program

Welcome to Annke Reseller Program. Join us to make up to 11250USD per Week. The more you sell, you more you can get. We have options for all levels, no matter you are an individual, have a small store, an online store or a big mall. Annke security products are your right choices, with the advanced technology, wide range of products and fast support. Come to us and get the industry-leading commission in the market NOW.

Commission Rate

Yearly Sales

Commission rate

 Less than USD$9999


 USD$10000 to USD$19999


 USD$20000 to USD$49999


 USD$50000 to USD$99999


Monthly Sales

Commission rate

 USD$8333 to USD$19999


 USD$20000 to USD$49999


 USD$50000 to USD$99999


 USD$100000 to USD$199999


 USD$200000 to USD$299999


Higher than USD$300000

Contact Us

Seize this Chance and Never Miss It

Do not hesitate to contact us: dealer#annke.com (replace # with @ )

Provide the following information along with the email.

1. Individual or Company
2. Registered Capital (For Company)
3. Number of Employees (For Company)
4. What Do You Sell (For Individual & Company)
5. How Do You Sell (For Individual & Company)
6. Current Yearly Sales (For Individual & Company)
7. Estimated Yearly Sales for Annke (For Individual & Company)

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