ANNKE 2.0MP 8CH HD PoE Security Camera System with 4 Bullet Cameras

ANNKE 2.0MP 8CH HD PoE Security Camera System with 4 Bullet Cameras

SKU: N48PI_I61FB_4

2MP IP cameras / 6MP NVR / Smart motion detection / Remote access with mobile

  • Outstanding 2MP high definition resolution
  • Up to 100ft immaculate night vision
  • Robust IP66 weatherproof and dustproof cameras
  • P2P remote access anytime anywhere
  • ROI saving storage memory
  • Pease of mind motion activated alarm push

Why buy this product?

This system givesyou all the latest and greatest in security system technology there is today. All year round, keep your mind at ease that everything you care for is being protected.


Email Alert


Remote Access

Easy Install

Motion Detection


Highest Quality 2MP HD Footage

In the end of the day you need to have footage that is useable and credible. Constantly receive all the colors the eye can process, 2MP high definition will surely impress you with all the colorful detail.

Trouble Free Installation with PoE

To this day PoE is by far, the fastest and easiest way to install any wired camera. Only using one cable to provide power and transmit video footage to and from your NVR and camera.

Notified in Seconds with Motion Detection Alarm Push

Fast and easy, simply select specific areas you want to be alerted when these areas have been invaded. As soon as these areas have been intruded you will instantly receive a notification on your APP.

Remote Access Anywhere in the world

P2P technology allows you to view live footage anywhere in the world at any time. As long as you are connected to the internet, enjoy crystal clear, smooth streaming as soon as you download the APP.

Clear as Day Ultra Night Vision

Gaze in amazement that you can see such highly detailed night time video quality. No matter where the camera is located, from dusk till dawn receive immaculate night vision for up to 100ft away.

On the BallSmart Search Playback

If an incident happens and you want footage of a certain area. Single-out that certain area and smart search playback will only playback footage when there was only motion detected in that precise area.

Resourceful VCA Intrusion and Line Crossing

Mark out areas you would like to keep an eye on, every time motion is been detected there. Video content analysis (VCA) will playback only these specific times of footage.

Save Memory with ROI

ROI (region of interest) gives you the opportunity to lower resolution in areas of no interest, while maintaining immaculate resolution in areas of interest, saving you storage space on your hard drive.

Finest 2MP 8CHPoE Network Video Surveillance Kit with 4 Bullet Cameras

ROI saving storage memory, Robust IP66 weatherproof and dustproof cameras