ANNKE 960P Color Night Vision Starlight IP Bullet Camera H.264 – I31BG

ANNKE 960P Color Night Vision Starlight IP Bullet Camera H.264 – I31BG

  • Network HD security bullet camera with 1280*960 pixies definition
  • Color night vision lens for colored video both day &night
  • H.264 video compression technology to save storage space
  • Incredible digital noise reduction technology and advanced ISP chip
  • Dual-stream design to separate local recording from remote access

Why choose this product?

This new generation 960P starlight network camera brings full color high definition images perfectly to a close circuit television (CCTV) system all the time, which means videos are no longer black and white in low light illumination conditions and stunning colored images will be present even at night. Despite the incredible new feature, the camera still possesses the basic characters that traditional IPC has, like, support multiple network service and IP66 weatherproof housing makes it suitable for outdoor use. This camera can be your perfect choice for video security systems.


Night Vision


Digital Noise Reduction


Vivid Color Night Vision

This starlight camera captures everything in full color whether it’s a sunny daytime or a gloomy night, so you can always enjoy a sound sleep no worries about intruders or vandals.

Crystal Clear 960P HD Video

This industrial-grade high performance lens brings 1280*960 pixels resolution images perfectly to a CCTV system, you’ll enjoy a smoother and more detailed surveillance video of what you cared most.

Advanced H.264 Compression

By introducing the latest video compression technology, storage and transmission efficiency are largely increased. And this literally reduced download time and enhanced transmission speed.

Suitable in Low Visibility Conditions

This camera is especially suitable to use in low light illumination environments like underground parking lots, bars, warehouses and night monitoring of your house by bringing full color night images.

Intelligent DNR Technology

We employ the latest digital noise reduction and color rendition technology to generate super image effect and bring you peace of mind with the most realistic video of your children and pets.

Remarkable Main-Stream and Sub-Stream

To separate local recording from remote access, we employ dual stream design to the camera, this largely reduced the interface between them and allows smoother remote viewing.

Indoor& Outdoor Weatherproof Camera

With IP66 weatherproof and dustproof feature, the camera remains in an excellent working condition even in extreme weather and provide 24hours safeguard for your home day and night.

Perfect Match with Annke NVR

This high performance network camera can be perfectly matched with most NVRs on the market, which allows you to choose your own home video surveillance system conveniently.

960P color night vision starlight network security camera

Network HD security bullet camera with 1280*960 pixies definition