Annke X11 3’’ 1080P HD 170°Super Wide angle Dash Cam

Annke X11 3’’ 1080P HD 170°Super Wide angle Dash Cam

SKU: X11

intelligent adjustment of exposure time to restore the detail truth

Annke’s new generation full HD 1080P driving recorder will totally broaden your horizon towards dash cameras. It’s super wide angle provides a wider perspective which can capture all details while you are driving. And Full HD 1080P video can be easily get from our cam. The motion detection function makes it possible to automatically record any movement around your car even when you’re away. What’s more, any unusual vibration of the car can be perceived by our build-in G-sensor, so emergency recording can be triggered timely.

  • No boundaries of your view anymore

    The super wide angle lens will provide you a full view of 8 lanes, even cars passed by side can be captured by our cam. No worries about the blind spot any more.

  • Be your own witness

    Traffic tickets? Car accidents? She will present the most persuasive HD 1080P video recorder for you. Avoid the argument and save the unaffordable expense needed for a lawyer. Just spend your money on more meaningful things.

  • Easy to watch, better to enjoy

    The 3.0 inch TFT LCD screen makes it easier for you to watch any segment of the video you stored. Easily enjoy the video of your family trip through our cam. Provide you more joy not just video evidence.

  • A “24-hour bodyguard” for your car

    Whatever suspicious motion happens around your car can be recorded immediately by our camera via it’s motion detection function. Keep an eye on your car 24 hours even in parking state.

  • Colorful Night life

    Using the WDR(Wide dynamic Range) technology to process excessively bright/dark scene, provide the high quality picture for you by controlling the exposure time. Night life has never been so colorful.

  • Never miss any fishy movement of your car

    With the build-in G-Sensor, any vibration, friction, collision or emergency brake of your car can be easily noticed. Under this circumstance, emergency video recording is triggered to shoot every detail. And it will automatically lock the 30 seconds before and after collision happens.

  • Love at the first sight

    Delicate, portable, stylish, and the black color shows it’s elegant, once you meet it, you’ll fall in love with it.