Wireless Digital Home 4CH DVR + 2 Infrared Night Vision Security Camera System

Wireless Digital Home 4CH DVR + 2 Infrared Night Vision Security Camera System

SKU: 70040-102A

Two cameras + one DVR receiver with a 7-inch LCD monitor

This product is designed to be a household monitoring recording device. It consists of two cameras installed at any place of your home and one DVR receiver with a 7-inch LCD monitor. The two-spilt screen of the receiver can display the monitoring pictures of two accessed cameras. In addition, the infrared sensing alarm function of human body is available. Thus, a household closed monitoring system is presented.

  • Totally digital wireless, yet safety never reduced

    Instead of wiring visible cables on your wall, our security system is totally wireless, which means it will be much more convenient for you to set-up, manage and control. But don’t worry about interference;the closed-circuit system will definitely makes you free from privacy leakage.
  • Perfect Video quality to broaden up your horizon

    The video quality of our camera can be really high, under no circumstances will any detail make it past even if it tried, just like a 24-hour security guard for your family. And the video quality various fromthe number of camera connected to our DVR: 4CH VGA 10fps and 1CH VGA 30fps.
  • Monitoring and viewing at the same time

    With our 7’’ LCD monitor in hand, you can freely controlyour camera as well as watch the monitoring view on one device at the same time. No need for a “third wheel” any more. And the 7” screen would present every single detail captured by each camera.
  • Flexible Recording Modes to Choose

    This security system is designed to provide you a more flexible recording mode. So,there are three of them you can choose: manual recording, scheduledrecording, motion detectionrecording and PIR detection recording. For instance, you can choose manual recording mode when you want to record a family video, and when you’re away PIR detection/motion detectionrecording can be your perfect choice.
  • More PrecisionPIR Detection, Never Miss Any Details

    The high precision PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor is capable of detecting human body’s temperature, whenever people enters the induction range the system will start recording.High Sensitivity.More Precision.Dramatically Reduce False Alarm
  • Night is not dark any more

    16 ft. night vision available, far enough for you to see clear in dark night. Able to provide you a seamless video even when you’re sleeping soundly at night, whether there is araccoon sneaking into your kitchen or your pets eat your elaborately made muffins, none of the truth would be hidden from you.
  • Small in size, large in memory

    Support up to 32GB SD card or external mobile hard disk (max 1T) by USB2.0 interface. Reserve all the precious moment you spend with your family. And seamless loop recording enables the overwrite ability which makes the most of the storage space.
  • * 4CH digital wireless camera& DVR system
  • * Simple installation---no cable required
  • * Totally digital wireless, no interface, free from privacy leakage
  • * 7’’LCD monitor with integrated video recorder
  • * Support up to 32GB SD card or external mobile hard disk (1T) by USB2.0 interface
  • * Support 4 cameras/24 hours/7days seamless loop recording
  • * Multi-recording mode: Manual/scheduled/motion detection/PIR detection recording
  • * 16ftnight vision range
  • * Video quality: 4CH VGA 10fps, 1CH VGA 30fps
  • * Weatherproof and dustproof outdoor camera with 30m/100ft barrier-free transmission distance
  • * Video output function for bigger monitors
  • * Smart IR-cut, true day and night monitoring

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