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Featured home Security and Surveillance Solutions

Digital Video Recorders

Clear and smooth video recording, viewing and playback.

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Security Cameras

See what your cameras see, for your peace of mind.

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Car Jump Starter

To start up your vehicle and provide emergency power supply.

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Wireless Cameras/Baby Monitors

No need to run cables, set up in minutes.

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Home Security System

Reliable & High Quality Systems

The basic components of a home video surveillance system are digital video recorder, certain number of security cameras and monitor. A DVR helps you to record and store the monitoring videos, security cameras help to capture the images while a monitor allows you to view and playback the footage.


Best Installation Recommendations

The most common places to install the security cameras in your house are driveway, front/back door, side entry door, off-street windows, backyard, garage, children’s playing room and swimming pool. And somewhere above the door, beneath the eaves or ceiling corners where cameras can hold a remarkable looking-down view.


Convenient Remote Access

Annke home video surveillance systems make it possible for you to have remote viewing of your home and office on your smart phone, tablet or PC wherever you are. You can just download our free APP and get remote viewing in seconds. An instant alarm email will be sent when motion is detected in your house.


Customizable for Your House

The video surveillance systems we provide are not limited to the kits listed. Every home is different so all of our systems can be customized to meet your specific surveillance needs. And we offer the best combinations for DVRs and cameras to guarantee the optimum result.


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