Present Everything in Super Clarity: ANNKE Egis C5 5MP Security Camera

Recently, Annke released Egis C5 5MP super HD security camera system which hopes to gain some traction in an increasingly competitive market. When it comes to video surveillance of distant objects, the ordinary 1080P full HD camera system cannot provide all the tiny details you need, such as pedestrians’ faces or licence plate numbers. However, they probably can serve as important evidence for you to report to the police and crack a criminal case. That’s why Annke’s high-end super HD security camera system is designed.


“We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and understanding their needs. Now they can install Egis C5 system in their villa, jewelry shop or other important locations to monitor their properties. Every detail can be recorded in high resolution to serve as evidence of a crime, ” says Annke’s spokesman.


Annke stands at the forefront of innovative surveillance technology with recent new product developments, including high-quality wireless security IP cameras as well as state-of-the-art professional CCTV security camera systems, like the latest 4K ultra HD, 5 and 3 megapixel super HD, and 1080P full HD systems. Up to now, Annke has developed more than 10 product series with hundreds of different products, like Egis, Soter, Helm, Nova, etc.




See Everything in 5MP Stunning Clarity


Egis C5 security camera system includes a powerful 5-in-1 4K DVR, 4pcs 5MP HD weatherproof security camera, and a pre-installed professional surveillance hard disk drive. Built with IP67 weatherproof rating, the security cameras can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Whether it’s rain or shine, day or night, they can endure any kind of severe environmental conditions. They can work properly even in extreme temperature from -40°F to 140 °F, or after soaking in water for 30 minutes.


With 2.5 times resolution of standard 1080P, the cameras deliver true-to-life footage in 5MP super HD definition like never before. Such clearness enables you to discover all the tiny details, such as faces, license plates and packages. The cameras can keep your property safe and secure while providing sharpness in the fine details of your live stream and recordings. If a criminal breaks into your house and stoles away some of your properties, the recordings can prove to be crucial crime evidence. While with a 1080P system, you probably only get pixelated images or recordings, which turns out to be disastrous for your families.




Outstanding Night Vision with EXIR Array LEDs


The security cameras are equipped with 2pcs high-end EXIR array LED that provide superior night vision up to 100ft/30m. And the smart infrared adjustment can also improve the image quality in low visibility conditions, so that you can see clearly even in the dark environment.


When you take a close look at common security cameras, you will find that their infrared LEDs are surrounding the camera lens, which may cause dark corners in the image. In contrast, Annke Egis 5MP camera’s EXIR LEDs are separated from the lens, eliminating the darkened corners and spotlight effect you see in other cameras.




The Most Cutting-Edge H.265+ Compression


As the most efficient and advanced compression technology, H.265+ considerably reduces bandwidth requirements and improves compression efficiency, without sacrificing ultra HD video quality. On normal conditions, H.265+ allows you to record up to 7 times longer than H.264 with the same HDD. Thus, you can always maximize your HDD storage space and enjoy ultra-long recording.


According to the test results from Annke’s technical team, after the 4pcs 5MP cameras are connected and H.265+ is enabled, the pre-installed 1TB HDD is estimated to record approximately 15 days. While with H.264, it can only record about 3 days.




Access Live Video Wherever You Are


Egis C5 system is easy to set up and configure. With the free Annke Vision mobile app, you can enjoy live video from every corner of the world. Annke’s PC client “Guarding Vision” is also available for you to preview and record videos on your computer. Now, it’s easier than ever to check in on your home or business freely on your iOS/Andriod phone, tablet or PC, wherever you have an internet connection.


You can also customize the vital areas for motion detection like a back door, to minimize false alerts. Just stay confident that you won’t be bothered by false alerts. Whenever motion detection is triggered in these areas, email alarms with snapshots as well as APP push notifications will be sent to you immediately. Therefore, you will know whatever accident happens in your home, shop or office so that appropriate precautions could be taken.




You may be interested in other information about ANNKE.

Annke is a global leading provider of smart home security solutions. Annke is committed to product development in the security field of smart homes, professional security, business suites, etc., and is striving to become a leader in professional security based on cloud computing and Internet of Things technologies.

Annke has established a long-term strategic cooperative partnership with the world's top and renowned manufacturers, such as Hikvision and Dahua. Its global brand awareness and influence are gradually surpassing other well-known international brands in the security field, like Swann, Night Owl, Lorex, Ring and Blink, and it is striving hard to become the world's top 50 security brands.

Annke delivers a sense of safety to every consumer by building better security and surveillance equipment. Please visit if you need to learn more.