10 effective ways to prevent package theft on holidays

As the holidays approach, many families will have a big increase in the amount of packages delivered to their homes. Online shopping is a great convenience and time saver during the holiday season and taking advantage of online deals and easy, fast, home deliveries mean better shopping and great gifts for family celebrations. However, with this increase in package deliveries, unfortunately comes an increase in package theft. In fact, 23 million Americans had a package stolen from their homes in 2015. 30% of Americans have experienced package theft


This season more thefts are expected and smart homeowners are taking action to prevent loss and protect their homes from the scourge of package thieves. In this article we will discuss some tips to prevent package theft as well as some of the latest products that are saving the holidays for homeowners.

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Effective ways to prevent loss from package theft

  1. Properly insure all deliveries– With the holidays approaching, it is more than mail that is being delivered to homes across the world. High-value gifts such as smartphones, computers and other consumer electronics come in small, easy to steal packages. Properly insuring the item is a small price to pay for peace of mind and will make replacing the item in the event of a theft, painless.
  2. Accept packages only in person– If possible, be at home to personally accept deliveries. By requiring a signature for delivery, your courier will not be able to leave valuable packages on the porch or home entry for possible theft. If a signature-required delivery is made without your signature, the courier will be responsible for refund or replacement in the event of a theft.
  3. Track packages often– By tracking your packages, which is easily done online or by App for all major carriers, you can be certain when it will arrive and can make arrangements to be at home or have the package picked up by a trusted person.
  4. Have packages delivered to a secure location– Having packages delivered to an alternate address such as your place of work can solve the problem. By sending to an on-staff person with signature required, you can pick up your package at your convenience and protect it from harm.
  5. Use a lockbox– Many carriers and popular online retailer Amazon, now have local neighborhood lockboxes for valuable deliveries to a safe location. Often located in convenience stores or public areas, these secure computerized lockers will open using a special QR code or numeric code sent to your phone. You can pick up your packages on your time simply by stopping by and inputting the code.
  6. Have packages left in hidden places around the home– Some couriers will leave packages in an alternate location around the home. Most thieves target packages by driving through residential neighborhoods and looking on front porches. If your courier delivers to the back porch or back yard of the house, or some other prearranged hidden location, your packages will be much safer from theft.
  7. Deliver to a friendly neighbor- If you know someone who is home during the day, it’s great if they will allow you to use their home for delivery. Then you can rest assured that your package is safe.
  8. Post a security sign– Thieves are smart but also want to pick the easiest target. When they see a security sign, it will give them pause and they may reconsider their deed. It is not a foolproof solution but it can be helpful and send thieves looking for easier targets elsewhere.
  9. Use a smart doorbell– New smart doorbell systems have cameras and two-way audio. You can see remotely when a package is delivered and retrieve it. Or if you see suspicious persons around the door, you can use the audio to warn them that they are on camera.
  10. Install home security cameras– Installation of home security cameras is a known deterrent to preventing package thieves, home break-ins and other nefarious acts to your home or property. New models have special features that make them excellent for this application including day/night surveillance, two-way audio and cloud storage for easy evidence retrieval. Not only is a security camera an effective deterrent, but the captured footage can be used to catch, prosecute and put them behind bars for their offenses.


 A great solution is a smart IP security camera packed with a wide viewing angle, motion sensor and night vision capabilities. Take for example, this excellent offering from Annkesecurity.com, the 4MP PoE IP cameras.

This PoE HD camera is a snap to install on either a wall or a ceiling. It features a sweeping wide view and is perfect for protecting a front porch from package thieves. Remote access is super easy via the included viewing app. When unexpected movements are detected by the camera, you can get notified by email or mobile push notifications with images captured.

It features on-board memory storage and a 4MP high definition color camera that takes high-quality images. Best of all, it works night and day for you, protecting your home 24 hours a day with motion detection and night vision. This camera is perfect for anyone that wants to ensure a happy holiday by protecting their packages.

If your family needs protection, check out this fantastic choice from Annke or email us with questions about your specific needs. This year and every year, your family is worth it.

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