Non-Contact High-Precision Electronic Thermometer

Non-Contact High-Precision Electronic Thermometer



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Fast & Accurate Measurement

With the high-precision sensor and intelligent chip, the electronic thermometer can read the temperature accurately with one press in 1 second.

If the temperature is too high, the thermometer will give off audible alerts to notify you in real time and the color of the backlight display will change.


Non-Contact Infrared Technology

Just aim the forehead with the electronic digital thermometer to measure the temperature without contacting the skin. Avoid cross infection.


Body and Object Measurement Modes

You can measure the temperature of yourself and your family to keep track of the body temperature change and master the health status.

Measure any object except the human body with the object mode, like milk, wine, bath water or food storage temperature, etc.


Wide Application

This digital thermometer is ideal for all ages and all objects, including infants, children, kids, adults, elders, pets, etc.

It can be used in all scenarios, like offices, restaurants, hotel lobbies, shopping malls, subways, schools, laboratories, workshops, supermarkets, just anywhere.


Rechargeable Battery Powered

With the power-saving technology, the built-in rechargeable 500 mAh battery enables the electronic thermometer to work for a long time. The device will automatically shut down after 8 seconds of standby.


For Business:



1) Basic parameters


Product Net Weight:78g


Temperature accuracy:0.1℃

Memory storage:99 groups of data

Working environment requirements:15℃- 35℃;≤85%RH;70kPa-106kPa

Environmental range:-20℃~+55℃;;≤85%RH;70kPa-106kPa

Product lifetime:5 years

Power supply:Battery Capacity:500mAh(Built-in rechargeable non-removable lithium battery)

Charging :5V 1A

Operating Voltage:DC 3.7V

2) Measurement Range

BODY mode(body):32.0℃-- 42.9℃(89.6°F-109.4°F)

OBJECT mode(Except the human body):0℃-100.0℃(32.0°F-212.0°F)

Measuring distance range:5-10cm

Automatic shutdown time:≤8s without any operation

3) Measurement accuracy


<35℃: ±0.3℃(32.54℉)

>42℃: ±0.3℃(32.54℉)


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