Earloop Breathable Non-Woven Face Mask

Earloop Breathable Non-Woven Face Mask


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Note: Face Mask only for US.

3-Layer Non-Wove Material

The facial mask, made from 3-layer non-woven fabric, protects you from droplets, dust, vehicle exhaust, pollen, etc. and offers you maximum protection.


Soft & Skin-Friendly Fabric

The fabric of the earloop face mask is soft, environmental-friendly, non-toxic and non-irritating. It’s comfortable to wear and allows you to breath freely.


Comfortable Earloop Design

With the durable & comfortable earloop design, the PPE eliminates the pressure to your ears. You can wear it for a long time with no pain and no strain.


Conform to Strictest Tests

The facial mask passed the strictest tests of GB2626-2006, ensuring the product is extremely safe to use.