ANNKE-I61DQ-1080P Pan Wi-Fi Camera

ANNKE-I61DQ-1080P Pan Wi-Fi Camera

ANNKE-I61DQ-1080P Pan Wi-Fi Camera



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* True 1080P video brings everything back to life

* Super convenient on touch configuration

* More precise PIR body temperature detection

* Build-in mic and speaker for clear two-way audio

* Powerful and easy-to-use App for your peace of mind

Ultimate 1080P Visual Experience

With stunning and crystal clear 1080P video that brings everything back to life, you can enjoy true high definition video recording, live viewing or playback.


Advanced PIR Detection

The advanced PIR body temperature sensor provides more precise detection without missing any moment, so false alarm is greatly reduced by adopting PIR detection instead of only motion detection.


Easy One-Touch-Configuration

You can get the wireless camera connected and get live viewing in seconds just by scanning the QR Code on the camera via the pre-installed App on your smartphone.


Remote Access Anytime Anywhere

Whether you’re in the next room or on the road, remote access is available on your smartphone and tablet, just scan the QR-Code, install the free viewing APP and start live viewing.


Powerful and Easy-to-Use APP

With beautiful, intuitive interface and powerful features, this easy-to-use viewing APP makes remote control easier and more interesting. You’ll definitely like it by the first sight.


Smart Video Content Analysis

By introducing smart VCA (Video Content Analysis) including line crossing detection and intrusion detection, the camera begins recording and alarm will be triggered when emergency happens, never miss any detail.

Incredible Two-Way Audio

The two-way-audio camera allows you to talk to and hear from your shining stars clearly from your smartphone with ease, just enjoy your day knowing that all you cared is safe and sound.


Save Bandwidth with ROI

Customize your own Region of Interest to only keep an eye on things you cared most, then the camera will decrease the non-ROI’s video resolution while the ROI’s video remains crystal clear to take full advantage of bandwidth.


Pan-Tilt without Dead-Spot

With 0~355°horizontal and -20~90°vertical rotation camera, you can get a panoramic view of your house and office easily with ease without missing any details.


Clear Night Vision for 24/7 Protection

The camera provides super clear 10m/32ft night vision with high quality LEDs to ensure you a sound sleep at night. Never worries about raccoons or intruders break in anymore.

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