Earloop 3-Layer KN95 Face Mask Against Flu/Smog

Earloop 3-Layer KN95 Face Mask Against Flu/Smog



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3-Layer Non-Woven Fabrics

The 3-layer N95 face masks can filter the particles in the air and protect you from droplets, flu, germ, dust, pollen, exhaust. Create a secure seal for maximum protection wherever you go.


95%+ Filter Efficiency

The facial masks provide 95%+ effective filtration against PM2.5 haze particles to protect you from any possible harmful germ, dust or smog.


Skin-Friendly & Breathable Material

The N95 face masks are designed for long-time wearing. You can breathe freely without worrying about your skin or shortness of breath.


Comfortable Earloop Design

The lightweight & earloop design offers the most comfortable wearing experience. They fit your face perfectly for the maximum protection, no pressure to your ears or face.


Conform to Strictest Tests

The facial mask passed the strictest tests of GB2626-2006, ensuring the product is extremely safe to use.


The difference between 20 pcs/box & 30 pcs/box:
“30 pcs/box” is bigger and can cover more areas of people's faces.


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2000 pcs and more face mask request please contact: sales@annkesecurity.com