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Portable White Noise Sleep Machine, 100% Wireless, Battery Powered, 20 Built-in Sounds, Compact Size

Portable White Noise Sleep Machine, 100% Wireless, Battery Powered, 20 Built-in Sounds, Compact Size



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    Wireless & Convenient

    Say goodbye to tangled cords and complicated setups. Our sleep machine is 100% wireless, battery-powered, and requires no WiFi, downloads, or apps. Simply plug and play for instant relaxation and uninterrupted sleep.

    Versatile Sound Options

    Customize your sleep experience with our four sound options. Choose from light music, white noise, natural sounds, or even soothing fetal sounds. Find the perfect ambiance that suits your mood and enhances your sleep.

    Extensive Sound Library

    With up to 20 built-in relaxing sounds, our sleep machine ensures a peaceful environment for both babies and parents. Drift off to sleep with tranquil melodies that ease your mind and lull you into a deep slumber.

    Portable and Easy to Attach

    Take your sleep machine wherever you go! Designed to be attached to carriers, strollers, car seats, cribs, and more, it becomes your portable sleep oasis.

    Long Standby Battery & Low Battery Alarm

    The sleep machine features a built-in 1000mAh rechargeable battery with exceptional standby time. A convenient low battery alarm alerts you with a gentle "didi" sound, ensuring you have ample time to recharge and continue enjoying uninterrupted relaxation.

    Compact and Travel-Friendly

    The white noise sleep machine has small, cute, and highly portable design, making it the perfect companion for frequent travelers, office naps, or simply enjoying a moment of tranquility at home.

    Auto-Off Timer

    Customize your sleep routine with three auto-off timer settings - 30, 60, or 90 minutes. Set your desired duration, and the sleep machine will automatically turn off, allowing you to effortlessly drift off to sleep without any worries.


    Download ZMO001 Specification

    Model ZMQ001
    White Noise Sleep Machine
    Item Specification
    Signal/Noise >75
    THD Total Harmonic Distortion ≤1%(1W,1KHz)
    CPU HR1920A
    Speaker 40mm 2Ω 3W
    Sounds 20(White noise*5, nature sounds*9, light music*5, fetal sound*1)
    Audio format  WAV
    Standby power consumption <40
    Distance 20m (max) 
    Charging Interface Type-C
    Power Supply 5V 1A
    Working current 150(max)
    Keys ON/OFF
    Auto-off timer
    Light music
    White noise
    Nature sounds
    Volume +
    Volume -
    Fetal sound
    Standby Around 50h (to be confirmed)
    Built-in battery 1000mAh
    Device size 76*58*30(mm)
    Device weight 207G
    Working Temperature 10º ~+55º
    Storage Temperature -20º ~+60º
    Working Humidity 15%~85%

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