ANNKE WS200 System - 1080p FHD Wireless Bullet Security Camera System

WS200 - 8 Channel 1080p Full HD Wireless Security System with 4 pcs IP Cameras & 1 TB HDD

WS200 - 8 Channel 1080p Full HD Wireless Security System with 4 pcs IP Cameras & 1 TB HDD



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Crystal 1080p Full HD Images

ANNKE WiFi IP cameras deliver the sharpest 1080p Full HD images with the advanced 2MP CMOS image sensor, much clearer than other 2MP security cameras.


Up to 100 ft IR Night Vision

The 18 IR LEDs and IR-cut filter enable the IP CCTV cameras to capture crystal-clear night vision images in extremely low-light conditions, even from up to 100 ft away.


Work with Amazon Alexa
Link the wireless system to an Alexa device to get the instant live stream in a 100% hands-free way. Simply say “Alexa, show front door” to view stream even without smartphones.


Support up to 5MP Stream

ANNKE WiFi NVR supports up to 5MP Super HD stream. Customers can connect up to 5MP WiFi security cameras to the NVR for much clearer footage.


Advanced H.264+ Video Format

The H.264+ WiFi IP video camera system provides smoother stream and saves more storage space than H.264 systems. Save your time on managing the system.


Brave All Climates with IP66 Waterproof

The IP66 waterproof rating ensures the wireless smart IP cameras withstand the harshest weather, guarding you all the year around.


Easiest Plug & Play Installation

Plug the cameras & the NVR to the power outlets and all is done! Pair the system to the Internet to get unlimited remote access wherever you are.


24/7 Recording Without Internet

The security cameras and the NVR link to each other via their proprietary network (up to 300 ft in open areas). Get 24/7 recording without Internet access. For remote access & other smart features, Internet is necessary.


Wireless Signal Booster

Take the IP camera that is closest to the router as the WiFi booster to extend the connection distance between other cameras and the NVR (up to 1,000 ft in open areas).


Customized Motion Areas

Customize the vital areas, such as the front door, garage, etc. for motion events. You will receive the alerts only when motion events happened in the customized areas.


Remote Access & Motion Alerts

Access the whole wireless IP camera system remotely via your smartphone, tablet, computer or a browser wherever. Get instant app pushes & email alerts with snapshots upon there are motion events.


Note: Please add a 3.5-inch HDD into the NVR.

This product only for US, UK, DE, FR, IT.