Annke Smart Apps

Easy to configure and use; full-featured and secure tool;
access live video wherever you are.

Applicable to DVR kits and PoE NVR kits

Applicable products:DN81R+C11DK*4, DT81GB+C51BS*4, DW81KD+CT1BF*4

Applicable to wireless NVR kits

Applicable products:N48WHP+I41GD*4, N44WBD+I41GD*4, N44WBF+I41GF*2

Applicable to smart home IP cameras of Nova Series

Applicable products:I41CS, I41HG, I41DQ

Applicable to I41EJ smart home IP camera

Applicable products:I41EJ

Applicable to I41CL smart camera with lamp

Applicable products:I41CL