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Product testing


Become a Product tester
To get our testing product is quite easy and free. Just tell us about your information and ideas on our products. Once you register as a member of the Annke tester community, you will have the opportunity to test Annke's products and receive the latest offer information from Annke at the first time.
Receive & test your product
The Annke product testing team will contact you by email to inform you of the testing product. If you are willing to participate in the testing, the product will be shipped to you ASAP. Upon receipt of the product, you can start testing right away.
Respond with feedback
Please kindly write a testing report as a review in the link of the corresponding product. The review should include product pictures and its video footage. You also need to share the review with your friends on the third-party platform.
Retain your product
You have successfully completed the product test and you may keep the product. You will also get an exclusive coupon.