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NightChromaTM NCT400 - 2-in-1 Dual Lens PTZ Security IP Camera, 3D Position, Acme Color Night Vision (0.001 Lux), 25X Optical Zoom, Smart Detection, 4MP Resolution

NightChromaTM NCT400 - 2-in-1 Dual Lens PTZ Security IP Camera, 3D Position, Acme Color Night Vision (0.001 Lux), 25X Optical Zoom, Smart Detection, 4MP Resolution



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    Big Picture & Small Details in One View

    This camera integrates a colorful global bullet view and a detailed PTZ view in one unit to provide big picture and small details.

    Colorful Bullet Channel: Adopting 2.8mm@F1.0 lens, by focusing, you can view a large colorful picture which still deliver up colorful night vision in 0.005 lux illumination conditions.

    Detailed PTZ Channel: This PTZ camera displays a broad view even when panning, tilting, or zooming. Delivering the incomparable 25X optical zoom and 16X digital zoom, up to 360° Pan & 90° Tilt angle of view allows you to view small & distant details clearly.

    Precisely Locate Where You Want to See

    A 3D model is built based on automatic calibration results to match coordinates of positions on bullet channel and PTZ channel.

    3D position function enables users to view the detailed image in PTZ channel with high efficiency by marking the interested area in the bullet channel.

    See Clearly Even in the Dark with Acme Color Night Vision

    Equipped with 2 supplement light type: infrared supplement light distance can reach 100 meters in PTZ channel; In bullet channel, the maximum distance of white light supplement light is up to 30 meters. Even in dark light, it can provide clear picture.

    Just One Camera with Multiple-camera Benefits

    The two-in-one design gets around any compatibility problems when pairing different devices. In contrast to installing one bullet and one PTZ, this camera has only one IP address for dual-channel operations. More cost-effective than two conventional cameras with accessories.

    Smart Detection Motion, Brings 99% Accurate Alerts

    The camera uses an intelligent algorithm based on a deep learning platform and supports 5 types of smart events to provide more accurate motion monitoring and alarm, including: audio exception detection, line crossing detection, intrusion detection, region entrance detection, region exiting detection.

    Top-Notch H.265+ Video Format

    This H.265+ PoE CCTV IP camera provides smoother live stream, records longer videos and consumes less bandwidth & storage space, compared with H.265, H.264+ & H.264 IP cameras.

    Built to be Prominent in the Harshest Climates

    IP66 rated & 6000 V lightning protection, this waterproof camera can be used for extreme indoor and outdoor use from -22 °F/-30° C to -149 °F/65°. it ensures that outdoor surveillance cameras work seamlessly in all hot, cold or severe weather.

    This is a rugged camera for most public service applications, such as: industrial parks, cross-roads, schools, etc.

    Local & NAS Storage

    Built-in memory card slot, support up to 256 GB Micro SD (not included) or NAS storage.

    Supporting Multiple Protocols

    Work with RTSP, IPv4/IPv6, FTP, SMTP, UPnP, SNMP, etc. Supporting open network video interface.

    POE or DC 12V Power

    Power on the camera via POE, or plug it into an outlet for the power supply.

    Alarm & Audio Input/Output

    Support 1 alarm input/output, 1 audio input/output, With audio, video can also be recorded.

    Face Capture

    Equipped with deep learning function to support face capture.

    Wide Compatibility

    Support multi-device access. Connecting to the NVR will occupy two channels.

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