Garden security giveaways

Garden security giveaways

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    Ed Campbell / Reply

    WOW, 25 camera giveaway?!
    I just ordered an Annke dvr for wifi cameras but I don’t have any Annke cameras. But it’s not a poe system idk if I could use them. I’ll have to look closer at what these do.
    It would be nice to have some I could use as close ups on fish and sometimes the night visitors to my water gardens.

    Bentley Smith / Reply

    I will watch the joyous abandon experienced by the armadillos as they raze my garden.

    AlaskanBob / Reply

    Here in Anchor Point Alaska, I will watch that no bears or moose are into my berry bushes. When they are not then watch for how many birds are taking advantage of my generosity.

    Milan / Reply

    Our house

    Cheryl Woodson / Reply

    I would watch my dogs on the front porch to see what their barking at this time

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